Episode 16: Fred Durst dropkick, Deftones new album?, Self-destructing Art, Elon’s Philanthropy, Derek’s Real Ghost Story, MORE…


In Week 16, Bob and Derek discuss: (ALERT: an F-bomb or 2 are present, 1 is a quote from a news story).

  • Dropkicking Fred Durst
  • Chris Cornell remembered
  • Deftones new album, Stephen’s 9-string?
  • New Everlast record
  • SOAD hires a therapist?
  • 2019 Rock N Roll Hall of Fame nominations worth talking about
  • Mega-Cruise
  • Self-destructing art sold for 1.4M
  • Khabib – Connor post-fight brawl
  • Elon’s latest philanthropy
  • Google turns down $1B contract
  • Google design lead rants on twitter (and doesn’t get banned)
  • Derek’s ghost story
  • Jokes
  • See ya next week!
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